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The removal (modification) of some local stuff

Since being threatened that unless I removed some of my posts that I would be reported for "Hate Crimes" I have been removing direct references to Belchamp Walter and to local history.

At the moment (at the time of writing this) I think that I have removed most of the menu links to these pages. Some of the pages still exist on the server and I may have missed some of them. Going forward I will review where I am going in this regard.

This page is to be a "backdoor" to some of the remaining pages.

I kind of resent that I have to edit my pages so that I am sure that those finding them are not just checking up on whether I have said anything about them or someone who has complained to them.

9 May 2021

Since recieving the threat I have removed the posts as asked but I am now facing the fact that search engines still have the pages or parts of them in their search results.

The end of September still sees a few attempted accesses to these pages as reported in Google reports. Bing and the others still seem to return summaries of some of the pages. It would seem that the remaining probes seem to come from Bury St. Edmunds. Perhaps there was some sort of "legal advice" from that area?

In any case it is not in my interest to go too much further until things "sort" themselves.



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