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Black Death - 1346 to 1353

The years 1346 to 1353 must have taken their toll on the residents of Belchamp Walter. Anecdotal reports suggest that this was the reason that dwellings aurrounding the old medieval Hall were burnt and the occupants moved up to where the cross-roads and pond now are located.

A former resident of the village (citation needed) used to tell tales of finding foundations of such dwellings in the area around the church and hall. While this is possible the author of this site doubts that buildings at that time would have had a foundation and there are no surviving buildings other than the church from that time.

The tenure of the Manor was possibly held by the Gernon Family and was being transferred to Sir Robert Swynborne as a consequence of the marriage of Joan Gernon to to Sir Robert Swynborne.


The building or extension of Churches was rife in the 14th century, the nave of St. Mary's was constructed at this time. Many other Church additions such the Botetourt chapel at Mendlesham was interupted by the Black Death. The construction was resumed in 1360.

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