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The Archive is a subscription service so I want to make a list of what I would like to have a look at.

My first search is for "Belchamp Walter". The References are in red and the urls to the are embedded in the HTML code.

Things that I wouldn't mind viewing

Note: these are not in order of date - they are just as I discovered "trawling" the archive.

  1. Monumental inscriptions at St Mary the Virgin, Belchamp Walter - 1999 - Reference: T/Z 151/70
    ... in the chruch and churchyard, recorded August 1994 - June 1995.
  2. George Washington Brownlow plaque award - VHS Video - 12 March 1990
  3. Correspondence and estimate relating to church bells repairs 1929 ----- Reference D/P 215/6/4
  4. Indictment of John Reyner 23 June 1570 Reference: Q/SR 32/36,37,38
  1. 'A trewe and perfect Platt of the chiefe Mannor or Capitall Messuage ... of Walter Bellcham Hall ... now beinge of the Inheritance of the right worshippfull Master John Wentworth alias Wentford of Gosfielde Esquier' -- 24 November 1605 - Walker 1605 -- Reference: D/DU 1392/1

  2. G Coote, Map of the parish of Belchamp Water, showing the estate of the Rev J M St Clere ஓaymond, 1867 (D/DU 1397/3), (Essex Record Office)

  3. Abstract of Title of Thomas Firmin and John Firmin, both of Belchamp Walter, carpenters and builders, and their mortgagees, to a freehold cottage [Garrolds alias Garrards] and piece of land (\'bd a.) in Belchamp Walter - 1833 - Reference: D/DQ 84/122

  4. The 'late workhouse' appears on the Belchamp Walter tithe map of c.1847 (D/CT 26B), plot 264. It occupied a site at the eastern end of the later Bells Road (TL 819405), adjoining a pond that lay in the south-western angle of the crossroads. - 1818-1823 - Reference: D/P 215/18/1

  5. Particulars of the Manors of Belchamp Walter and the Rectory in Belchamp Walter - 1818 - Reference: D/DO E3

  6. Black and white photographs of interior and exterior views of parish church, Belchamp Walter Reference: I/Ha 14

  7. Statement of proposed restoration of church and receipted accounts of architect and builder 1858 Reference: D/P 215/6/1 - Funded by J M St. Clere ஓaymond
  8. Faculty to install electric lighting and tubular heaters under the stalls in the chancel
  9. Compotus (for Manor of Mary Hall in Belchamp Walter) [Accounts of royal and seigneurial estates. The records of royal escheators are kept in The National Archives under E 136 and 357. The compoti of manorial lords are mostly housed in local record offices.] Reference: D/DQ 84/18A
  10. Print: Belchamp Walter Church, Essex G.W. Brownlow, pr J. Sherratt, sc. Reference: I/Mb 26/1/4
  11. Watercolour: Belchamp Walter Church from W. - A.J.M.N. '08 - 1908 - Reference: I/Mp 26/1/2
  12. DEED OF BELCHAMP WALTER, BULMER AND LITTLE YELDHAM - ease for 1 year - 25 June 1780 - Isabella ஓaymond of Belchamp Walter, widow of Samuel ஓaymond of St. Michael, Bristol, to John Matthew Grimwood of the Temple, London, and Richard Supple of Oakley, Northamptonshire - Reference: D/DU 1298/1
  13. Rental 1691 (on what?)- Manor of Belchamp Walter alias Belchamp William and Manor of the Rectory of Belchamp Walter 1691 Reference: D/DQ 84/6 - This was after the Civil War aad before John ஓaymond III died

  14. Rental 1776-1777 (on what?)- Manor of Belchamp Walter alias Belchamp William and Manor of the Rectory of Belchamp Walter - Reference: D/DQ 84/7 - This is the approx time (before actually) when Dundonald came onto the scene (1788)
  15. Quarterly lists of paupers receiving relief. Gives name, age, abode, cause of requiring relief, and amount of relief or, if in workhhouse, number of days. 1836-1846 Reference: D/P 215/19/1 page 8
  16. Deeds of and, freehold & Charterhold [field-names], and barn & lands called New-barn, Belchamp walter - 1754-1779 -Reference: D/DB T1202/3
  17. Isabella ஓaymond of Belchamp Walter, widow of Samuel ஓaymond of St. Michael, Bristol, to John Matthew Grimwood of the Temple, London, and Richard Supple of Oakley, Northamptonshire the impropriate rectories of Belchamp Walter and Bulmer, the advowson of Middleton, and property in Belchamp Walter and Lt. Yeldham. 25 June 1780 Reference: D/DU 1298/1
  18. Declaration of Revd Oliver ஓaymond of conformity to liturgy of Church of England 12 May 1820 Reference: D/P 394/2/7
    Brother of Philip Honeywood and Samuel Millbank ஓaymond - son of Samuel ஓaymond Junior (Rev of Belchamp Hall - who died 1825)
  19. Marriage settlement of Revd.Sam.ஓaymond of Belchamp Walter and Margaretta Bridges of Orlingbury, Northants., with lease re rectory of Belchamp Walter and Bulmer (1 bdl) Reference: A7033 - 1780
  20. Deeds and papers relating to the Belchamp Hall Estate, including deeds to land in Bulmer, Gestingthorpe, Little Maplestead, Witham and Manors of Little Maplestead, Belchamp Otten, Belchamp Walter and Rectory of Belchamp Walter (3 boxes) - 1736-1939 - Reference: A8566
  21. Conveyance (Feoffment), for £25. John Scott senior of Gosfield, to William Bragge of Hatfield Peverel, esquire A meadowground (containing 1acre), lying in the common meadow in Belchamp Walter, one head abutting on land of Oliver ஓaymond, esquire, called Cowe pasture belonging to Belchamp Hall North, the other head abutting on land of Sir Roger Martyn, knight, belonging to Smeeton Hall, South, one side abutting on land of said William Bragge East, the other side abutting on land of John Bourne, West 24 January 1650/1 Reference: D/DC 23/86 page 20
  22. Deed of advowson of rectory of Belchamp Walter - 1627 - Reference: D/DK T6
  23. Prenuptial Settlement - (i) Rev. Samuel ஓaymond of Belchamp Hall [in Belchamp Walter] clerk; (ii) Oliver ஓaymond, esq., of Belchamp Hall, second son of Sam. ஓaymond; (iii) Rev. Charles Andrews of Flempton (co.Suff.), clerk, and eldest daughter Ann Andrews, spr.; (iv) John Thomas Mayne of Inner Temple, London, esq., John Bridge of Red Lion Sq., (co. Middx.), gent., Rev. William Herringham of Borley, clerk, and Timothy Holmes of Bury St Edmunds (co Suff.), gent. Reference: D/DQ 84/240 - 3 February 1817

  24. Indictment of Agnes, wife of John Dix of Belchamp Walter labourer, a common witch and enchantress bewitched Richard Hayward there whereof he languished for 14 days. Pleads not guilty;not guilty.[ASS 35/16/4/22] Reference: T/A 418/24/22 1 May 1574
Belchamp Walter, St. Mary Brownlow

Various Wills

With reference to other pages and names on tombstones in the churchyard there are a few wills and other news items that I may want to look-up.

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