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This is a Personal Website.

Make of it what you wish....

Some people knit for a hobby, I code webpages!

The webmaster is not particularly concerned whether you find this website as it is not a business. The primary reason for the website is to allow the development of new websites designs and to evaluate the current technologies available to those administering websites.

In fact, apart from the importance of a website for eCommerce (i.e. selling a product or service), a website is pretty irrelevant

The majority of Internet users are accessing using their phones and not interested in finding out factual information.

They are also more interested in what is being said on Social Media and where they can buy or book something. The presentation of information as a website is only really relevant to governments and associated entities such as the NHS.

There are advantages on having a website than relying on Social Media but this is beyond most phone users.

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Tempusfugit Design
Tempusfugit Design

Associated websites

The webmaster is also the administrator for the Belchamp Walter Village Hall - the alternative site (, the Wordpress one
and the Belchamp Walter Parish Council

Having looked at email setups and how those that I know use it I have come to the conclusion that most people check their email on their mobile phone. Parish Councilors and Village Hall Committee members do have computers but they only use them when they do "real work"!


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