John Helion (abt. 1410 - 1449)

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Need to check a few dates here - the War of the Roses and who held what and when.

There seems to be a gap between 1450 and 15?? - Edith Helion and Anne Montgomery.

Thomas Wright:

She - in this case, was Joan Gernon/Swynborne

She bore to Sir Robert five sons, who all died without issue, and two daughters, Alice and Margery; the latter married to Nicholas Berners, of Aberden Hall, in Debden, and Codham Hall, in Wethersfield, whose daughter Catharine was wife of Sir William Fynderne; but this estate was the inheritance of Alice, the eldest daughter, married to John Helion, Esq. of Bumsted Helion.

John Helion, Esq. was their son and heir, who, dying in 1450, left, by his wife Editha, daughter and co heiress of Thomas Rolfe, Esq. of Gosfield, Philippa, married to Sir Thomas Montgomery, Esq. of Faulkbourne Hall; and Isabel, the wife of Humphrey Tyrell, Esq. of Little Warley, to whom she bore an only daughter, named Anne, who, by marriage, conveyed this and other great estates to Sir Roger Wentworth, of Codham Hall, in Wethersfield.


John's father and mother were both heirs, and Morant calls him the "last heir male of this ancient family". His own co-heirs were his two daughters. Richardson lists some of his importance holdings as "Belchamp Otto, Belchamp Walter, Bumpstead-Helion, Gernon (in Wormingford), Ovington, and Parkhall, Essex etc." He also mentions that John left a PCC will proved 27 July 1450 (PCC 12 Rous).

Morant stated that John died in 1449, and that his wife Edith was still holding one third of Bumstead-Helion when she died 1 June 1498.


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