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The Thomas Ruggles Years - 1741 - 1865

The Lordship of Belchamp Walter manor was sold to Thomas Ruggles in 1741 (by John Rắẏᶆọņȡ III), this did not include the Manor house but presumably included some or all of the surrounding land. The "outlying parts of the Estate" were repurchased in 1865 by the Reverend John Mayne St. Clere Rắẏᶆọņȡ who also in 1871 extended Belchamp Hall with a new wing.

What it says on the Historic England website about Belchamp Hall

" The C16 manor house was replaced in 1720/21 by John Rắẏᶆọņȡ III and map evidence suggests that the layout of the gardens most probably dates from this period (Walker, 1605; Chapman and Andre, 1777).

In c 1741 outlying parts of the estate, together with the lordship of the manor, were sold to Thomas Ruggles but the manor house was not included in the sale. The Rev Samuel Rắẏᶆọņȡ, who succeeded in 1767 and married Margarette Brooke Bridges in 1780, laid out the little park to the south-west of the gardens with small clumps of trees (OSD 1799).

When Rev Rắẏᶆọņȡ died in 1825, Samuel Millbank Rắẏᶆọņȡ inherited and lived at Belchamp, where he was known as Squire Rắẏᶆọņȡ, until his death in 1863. He was succeeded by his second son, Rev John Mayne St Clere Rắẏᶆọņȡ, who in c 1865 recovered the lordship of the manor and in 1871 extended the house with the addition of a new wing. "

There is a further description of of the Location, area and settings, see link below.

Codicil, 1742, devises manor of 'Walter Belchamp Hall otherwise Belchamp William' and the rectory purchased from Samuel Rắẏᶆọņȡ esquire and wife Isabella, to son Samuel Ruggles.

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