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Local Timeline

To make the local history more understandable I have started a Local Timeline. This will reference my main timeline and only contain events that are relevant to Belchamp Walter and the surrounding area including North Essex, Cambridge and Suffolk.

In trying to break down the history from the Norman Conquest until what I have called "the R_____ years" I started a page entitled devere. This was due to the statement:

The lordship of the manor of Belchamp Water was, at the time of the Domesday survey, in the possession of Alberic de Vere, in whose family it remained until the C17. Under the de Veres it was held by a number of families until in 1539 it came to class="text" Sir Roger Wentworth.

The quote above was taken from the Historic England website on their listing for Belchamp Hall|.

The "Under the de Veres" and being "held by a number of families" is a gross over-simplification.

Chronological list

A Date Slider might be good here. In the interim I just have a page.

The timeline is also based on the account of Thomas Wright in his The History and Topography of Essex. Again, there are a lot of over-simplifications here!.

Pages on names from Thomas Wright's account

What I have tried to do here is to add dates, some are guess-te-mates to make some sort of linear timeline. These will be adjusted as more info is gathered.

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