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The Memorial in St. Mary's Chancel

The Memorial is situated left of the altar in the Chancel of St. Mary's Belchamp Walter. The text on the momument is in Latin.

Thomas Wright says:

" The R family monument, designed and built by Robert Taylor for John R (III ?) in 1720 is on the North wall. Beneath the floor is the later of the two family vaults "

The interpretations below are based on the memorials and other information such as the family tree of William the Conqueror 150. I make no claim to their accuracy.

Memorial Detail

The names on the marble monument

and the dates that they died. I have tried to interpret who was who.

  1. Johannem (John R - Son of Roger R of Hundon - d. 1635 - Grandson of Philip R and Agnes Stern of Essenden
  2. Willhelmum (William) d. 1638
  3. Annum (Anne) 1643 - wife of John R I daughter of John Sparrow, Esq. of Gestingthorpe
  4. Jaaum (Jane) d. 1647
  5. Oliverum (Oliver) 1665
  6. Johannem (John R I) - Puchased Belchamp Manor 1611) - d. 1669
  7. Annum (Anne) 1675
  8. Francifcam (Francis) 1678 (wife of Oliver R and daughter of Sir William Harris)
  9. Oliverum 1679 (Husband of Frances Harris) and Protectorate Parliamentarian
  10. Johannem (John) 1690
  11. Annum (Anne) 1690
  12. Johannem (John) 1691
  13. Willhelmum (William) 1714
  14. Johannem (John) 1720
  15. Willhelmum (William) 1732 - 2nd son of John R II
The Memorial Plaque - St Mary's Church
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The names on the plaque on South wall of chancel

and the dates that they suceeded | died. Same interpretations as above.

  1. Willhelmum (William) suceeded 1720 died 1732
  2. Oliver 1755
  3. Philip Honywood died 1757 (Son of Samuel Junior and Isabella Child)
  4. Samuel succeeded 1752 died 1767 (Samuel Senior)
  5. Isabella (nee Child) 1792 (Wife of Samuel Senior)
  6. Juliana Dundonald 1792
  7. Philip Honywood d. 1806 (1807) - 1st son of Samuel Junior and Margaretta (n. Bridges)
  8. Isabella Right Honourable The Countess Dundonald d. 1808 - daughter of Samuel R Senior - married to Archibald Cochrane, 9th Earl of Dundonald 1788
  9. Samuel Junior Succeeded 1767 died 1826
  10. Margaretta d. 1848 - nee Bridges, married to Samuel R Junior 1780
  11. Isabella 1848, nee Cooke, Wife of Samuel Junior
  12. Samuel William 1852 - 1st son of Samuel Junior and Isabella (n. Cooke) - died in a shooting accident on the estate
  13. Oliver 1857
  14. Philip Edward St. Clere 1861
  15. John Stevens 1862
  16. Samuel Milbanke suceeded 1826 died 1863 (aka Samuel Millbank) - the stained glass memorial in Chancel has 1857
  17. Margaretta Cave 1864
  18. Sarah 1888 (Sarah Cooke - Wife of Samuel Milbanke)
  19. Edward Marriot 1872 (Son of Samuel Milbanke)
  20. Sarah Emily and Samuel John St.Clere his son further enumerates, John Mayne St.Clere suceeded 1863 died 1893
  21. Louisa Anne 1895 (Wife of John Mayne St.Clere)
  22. Samuel John St.Clere suceeded 1893 died 1900 (Son of John Mayne St.Clere and Luisa Anne)
  23. Margaret Charlotte Montegue 1939 (Margaret Smythies d. of Frances Smythies of Colchester)

It is not clear who is interred in the family vault and who is in the graveyard. It is my best guess that the vault was sealed when the renovations were performed on the Chancel (1859). As far as is known there is no visible entrance to the vault under the carpet in the Chancel.

The Conqueror 150 family tree was generated before Samuel Phillip St.Clere R (1974) and his wife Caroline Mabel Lousia died (1970). There are tombstones in the graveyard on the North-West of the tower for Samuel Phillip St.Clere (1974) and Caroline Mabel Lousia (1970). There are also tombstones for Samuel Millbank (1863) and .......

The yew tree next to the churchyard gate could be the memorial to Samuel William who died in a shooting accident on the estate in 1852. This is reported in the Foxearth Archive.

There should also be tombstones for Samuel Milbanke Sarah Emily and Samuel John St.Clere Samuel John St.Clere Margaret Charlotte Montegue John Mayne St.Clere and Louisa Anne

There are some other graves in the lower churchyard to the Rs, near to the war memorial.

Oliver's Issue

Oliver R (d. 1679 and Cromwellian M.P.) is reported to have had 21 children. The Conqueror Family Tree that I found has 5 names, starting with St. Clare, the oldest son who was disinherited. The other 4 are possibly Oliver, William, Anne and Frances - the other 16 are not shown on the tree.

Oliver died in 1679 and Frances (nee Harris) 1678. Their second son, another Oliver, did not inherit the estate, this seems to have been past on to the grandson, John R II the eldest son of the disinherited St.Clere R.

John R II married Anne Burgoyne, 1690, daughter of Sir Roger Burgoyne. John R III was the only son of John R II and Anne (nee Burgoyne). John R III died 1720. John R III had no issue.

Samuel R

Samuel was the 5th son of St.Clere R who was disinherited for marrying Anne Warkham, however, he although beng the rightful inheritor of the R line. His son William, who was living in 1737, and was married to unknown, was the father of Samuel R who married Isabella Child in 1767.

Anne Warkham was daughter of Lawrence Warkham and the marriage was (presumably) the cause of the disinheritance.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th sons - William d. 1732 (14 and 15 on list above) - Edward (not listed in vault) - and James (not listed in vault)

According to the Conqueror 150 tree, Samuel R (-I) was blown up at sea but had a son William, living 1737

William R married unknown and had a son Samuel (senior?) who married Isabella Child 1767 who then carried on the family line. Samuel R was Reverend of Belchamp Walter.

Samuel succeeded to the R family line 1752. Samuel (junior) was the second son of Samuel senior and Isabella, Phillip Honywood was the first son but had no issue. Phillip Honywood died 1757 is interred in the vault.

Samuel Junior married Margaretta Bridges 1780 and parented 2 sons, another Phillip Honywood who died 1807 and Samuel Millbank (b 1787 d 1863) who married Sarah (Emily) Cook (1808).

Samuel Millbank and Sarah Emily (Cooke) had 2 sons Samuel William [26] (d 1852) and John Mayne St.Clere (d 1893).

2nd son John Mayne St.Clere married Louisa Anne Fisher 1857 who had 1 son Samuel John St.Clere (d. 1900)

Samuel John St.Clere married Magaret Charlotte Montegue Smythies 1884 and had 1 son Samuel Phillip St.Clere. died 1886 Magaret Charlotte Montegue died 1939 and is the last on plaque on the South wall of the Chancel.

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