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Notes/Pages relating to website administration

I have seperated the pure design topics and tasks related to the administration of a website. These are Administration related pages (work in progress)

The key areas of Web Adminstration


Hosting Control Panels:

The Parish Council and are: HostingUK Plesk Control Panel The individual web Control Panels can be accessed from the page. To do this the service needs to be selected and then the Plesk Control Panel then has a login.

and the Village Hall website ( using the TSOHost Control Panel The TSOHost web Control Panel (

and is administered using the interface.


Hosted email configuration is also maintained using the Control Panels. Customised emails have been configured for all hostings.

Email is also administered for the Canadian addresses through CADNS

I have made some notes regarding the configuration of email, especially the CADNS issue that comes up from time to time.

Village Hall and Wordpress

At the present time this is administered though the Wordpress interface. Additional pages are maintained, using my own code, FileZilla and the Gridhost Control Panel.

The HostingUK Client Area

Both of my services are administered from here. For more information see my page on HostingUK

The TSO Client Area

The Charity hosting is administered from here

TSOHost control panel

The Wordpress Interface

Here I only have limited control over the content of the website. I cannot FTP files to the server and have to use the Wordpress interface to design pages, menus and upload files.

The pages on the Wordpress site are designed and edited using the Jetpack editor

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