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TSOHost Gridhost Control Panel

Having seen many Impressions finding this website I came to the conclusion that there is a confusion regarding the log-on to the TSOHost control panel. This is not surprising as I managed to confuse myself, so I thought that I would document it.

The first thing you have to do to access the Gridhost Control Panel is to log-in to the TSOHost client area:

TSOHost login
Top Menu

How to access the panel

This is not as obvious aas you would think as you need to click on the "Active" button after selecting the "My Services" menu option.

TSOHost access

You should see the screen above. I have not made screen-shots of all the screens

Top Menu

The Control Panel

Finally you see the following screen:

TSOHost control panel

Actually you have to select "Mangage Websites"

Top Menu

Email Panel

Selecting "Email Accounts"

TSOHost Email

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