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Depending on your needs and desires the choice of Hosting Service may depend on what they offer as part of their packages. It is pretty standard that all the basics will be covered but some packages are more sophisticated tham others. This will be evident in the Control Panel that you will be given. This not easy to know until you have made a commitment - here are some of my findings.

One of the basics is the ability to configure cusotm email addresses on your domain.

I currently use two hosting services, and TSOHost, this is a starting page for the comparison between the services.


Frameset Forwarding - forwarding registered domain names

Most hosting services will allow you to forward domains that you have registered with them to a specified URL.

I have used this method in the past with mixed results. It provides a useful temporary solution but on the long-term a full hosting package is required.

Business Hosting

TSOHost sent me an email offering this.

VPS - Virtual Private Server



  • 🔗 - Web Hosting packages
  • Let's Encrypt 🔗 - HostingUK offer Let's Encrypt (a free SLL service) for free in their Personal hosting package

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