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The plan here is for an enhancement to the design and admin pages to have a sticky button that takes the visitor back to the page linked on the top bar.

The prototypes are the CSS page

The plan

Style sections are added to the head section of the page and the sticky button is placed on the page do that it appears pretty much in the middle of a desktop page.

The style for the stickytop button is also copied to the head section

The code for the stickytop will be included on the template header.


The content of the page should determine the position of the stickytop button.

The stickytop and stickybutton will locate at top of the screen on scroll.

Information below the fold

This will be below the placement of the stickytop button

At the time of writing this I am not sure that I want to implement this technique and I just want to see how it looks on all devices and resolutions. To see if it adds or detracts from the user experience.

The stickybutton is only really needed on pages that need a link back to the page that is an index of the topic. The usage is to ensure that Smartphone users who can't see the top menu.

How these buttons are used

As this website is still primarily an experiment in website design and SEO the use of these buttons is part of an on-going development.

As the pages can be viewed on a diverse selection of screens, mobile devices in particular, some of the menus options will not be readily seen by the visitor.

From the SEO point of view I see visits to pages which do not result in the visitor clicking through to other pages. While this could be due to the visitor finding the information that they were looking for and they have no interest in any of my other pages, or they have clicked on an outbound link to another website, the lack of a button targeting the main page on the topic may be the reason.

On my page on the Wheel of Fortune in Belchamp Walter the visitor did click on my "murals" page but no further. I added a sticky button on that page to the murals page so that it would display even if the screen was scrolled.


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