Running a website as a hobby

Although this may seem strange to most Internet users there is no reason for for this website. It is run purely as a hobby and in that sense it is similar to the reason that a lot of people run blogs. Unlike others, who use their blogs to further their twisted view of the world, I have little interest in making my views known. Those that use their blogs for "policital" purposes are also likely to have the same view and approach to Social Media in general.

This website is my version of the activity that many seem to carry out constantly checking their social media accounts to see if anyone has commented on their posts (or liked them). Or following obscure blogs run by "nut-jobs" just to see what nonsense they have posted.

Researching this concept

Having started this line of thought I wondered what others have said in regards to just producing a website for the sure fun of it. Strange way to have fun a lot will say, and they do have a point! However, like all hobbies there is often no real sense in it all. I don't see the scorn for those that train-spot or collect stamps, well, I do actually.
Having said that there are many that spend inordinate amount of time in the garden, as do I, and others that divert just as much effort in writing their own blogs or commenting on Facebook.

My research turned up an article from WebMasterWorld, I can't remember the exact date and there is little point linking to it here, there were many comments about the concept being a waste of time and that you would be better off hiring a professional. I guess that is a fair comment considering the platform that the article was posted. Still, it gave me pause for thought.


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