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A review of the TSOHost service

I have a website hosting through TSOHost due to the fact that the original Village Hall website had its domain registered with TSOHost. This registration was made by ( and was part of the package that offered as part of their "Personal" plan. This plan included 1 free year of domain registration.

The downside of the free domain registration is that it was registered to the prevous administrator of the Village Hall website. The domain login details for the original website had been forgotten by the previous admin and I found it impossible to transfer it to my name. The domain registration runs well into 2022, at which time, if I am still administering the VH site I will have to approach this again.

In the meantime, I registered another domain through TSOHost,, this was due to the fact that TSOHost offer (or should I used to offer) free hosting to registered charities. The domain is currently used to develop an alternative Village Hall website.

The Village Hall website

I have changed my plan for the Village Hall website since I wrote this page. I now intend to use the Wordpress implementation exclusively and the pages are now parked.

While waiting to get my hands on the domain for the Village Hall website I decided to register and to order the Free Charity Hosting.

Having spent 24 hours evaluating the platform I can't say that I am impressed.

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email problems

Whether it is the inapropriate choice of bwvh as a domain or the inability of to provide a level of authenication for email addresses the result is that emails sent from php forms/scripts to Hotmail and BTInternet addresses (there maybe others) refuse to be accepted by the email hosts.

Creating an email alias, which I forwarded to the Hotmail account for Andy resulted in a "bounce back". This was only discovered after noticing that emails were not being sent from scripts that I had got to work on hostinguk.

Some of failures

  • Gmail to (forwarded to hotmail) bounces with a message (see below)
  • btinternet to (forwarded to hotmail) doen't get delivered
  • Roundcube to Hotmail doesn't get delivered.
  • btinternet (forwarded to Gmail) doesn't get delivered
  • no email is devilered to Hotmail and btinternet addresses from previously working php scripts (on hostinguk domains)

The message:

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
(generated from
host []
SMTP error from remote mail server after pipelined end of data:
550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from [] weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3140). You can also refer your provider to []


The Tsohost Support actually suggested a solution. This involved forwarding from another server. In my case I found that the Parish Council hosting alone was enough to get the btinternet mail delivered to a btinternet address. Hotmail/Outlook was a little more involved and I added a filter to my Gmail to forward one of my Parish Conncil addresses to Hotmail.

At the moment:

  • Addressing to gets delivered to my Hotmail address due to a forwarding on to my Gmail account - a filter is set on email from to forward again to Hotmail
  • Addressing to gets forwarded to due to a forwarding on

To "go live" I need an email for Chris on and another filter - Mick's address is preset to his btinternet address

SEO Notes

A query, "tsohost login", may have found this page. I did not have anything relating to how you can login to TSOHost on this page. I have/will add this info.

I now see that one of the major reasons a page is found is that an Internet user is looking for an answer to a specific topic, such as logging into a TSOHost account or website admin interface. They could also be looking for a review on the TSOHost service.

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