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One of the aspects that I have managed to get a grip on is SEO. Ironically, this is in the age of Social Media and the fact that the majority of Internet users not making searches.

When pages are converted to the new template the sitemap.txt file needs to be appended with the new page and the page submitted to Google using GSC.

Pages that need to be "SEO"ed are marked .

My area of interest is Google

There are other search engines but why would anyone use them?

The same techniques seem to work for other search engines but I don't have the same control as I do using Google Search Console.

Making searches

Internet user do make searches but it is normally for very specific subjects. It could be a company name or a service that they want more information. In general mobile phone users are more likely to follow links from their Social Media accounts. While I have a poor view of such usage I realise that it is now "the way", and as such I cannot ignore it.

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