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General Considerations when setting-up eMail

There are many eMail programs and setups and I have no wish to detail or describe them here. This page relates to configurations that I currently use and maintain.

I primarily used Gmail for my mail servers but I also administer a number of domains that can support their own eMail and mailboxes. These can be used with other eMail programs/platforms such as Google, Yahoo and BT. The email can be forwarded and/or used with Gmail.

My personal email is just a forwarding of my email addresses to Gmail and I do not use a mailbox on my domain servers. However, there are reasons why you may wish to use a "hosted" email service with Gmail.

Having said that, there are still situations where mailboxes get full and have to be emptied.

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The advantage of integration of a "Hosted" mailbox and Gmail

Having spent many hours discussing email issues with my Canadian email provider (and ex webhost for I added a mailbox for one of the Gmail accounts that I administer. I already had a mailbox setup on the service that was becoming full from time to time, but this was due to the fact that it was only accessed using a web-based email agent (Horde)

Below is a quote from my mate at CADNS:

" Ok, so the other part is that the beauty of it is that you keep your same gmail account, mail comes into the gmail, and you can label it so you know if it's been addressed to the address or the bare gmail address. And you can send mail directly from the gmail account AS whatever.user@whatever.domain. "



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