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Email Configuration

This is a more complex issue than a lot of people reaslise.

At the present time I have a couple of my main email configurations setup using Gmail as the provider. These are accessed via a redirection using a Canadian Domain Registrar and another on my domain configuration for

Email can be configured to use an exisiting email account that you may already use as part of your Internet connection package (known as "Broadband service" in the UK). You can also configure mail to use a mailbox that resides on your webserver.

When using an existing email service the custom email is forwarded to the that account on your preferred provider. As such the result is that you can check your email in one place.

If you configure a mailbox on your server you can access it using a web-based email program that will be determined by your hosting service. This can be a little restrictive. CADNS use Horde as an email program for on-line mailboxes.

When configuring a Gmail setup you can use a mailbox on the server but you have to tell Google to remove the mail from the server or the mailbox will become full. There are some advantages in doing this but it is the subject of another page and discussion.



From time-to-time the Canadian redirection has problems as the mailbox on the Canadian server get full and the mail to the Google server is compromised.

To access the mailbox on the server, using Horde, you have to click on the icon at the far right of the listing above.

The administration of the email settings is accessed by logging into our account. The password is the usual, but can be recovered very easily. The Plesk interface can be accessed on - I am not sure if the password is the same.

Log-ins to HostingUK

My hosting with has two domains registered and associated site hosting. My account with is attached to my primary email address.

Logging on to the main account there are options to look at both hostings. Below is the logon for the Parish Counci hoating

The Plesk Control Panel Login

I raised a ticket with HostingUK as the logon for both the logins load the control panel. To load the control panel the login has to be via using the user name for

Although I am reasoably happy with the support from as they respond to trouble tickets promptly. However, I pretty much worked out the above solution for myself!

Server Logs

Having logged into the appropriate Control Panel apart from being able to configure email addresses, ftp, php, you will be able to view website activity by viewing the server logs.

I monitor the activity of both my sites on - there no such facility on the TSOHost hosting offering.




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