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Using Google Tools to track visitors

Knowing who visits your website is a key requirement for effective website management. The first thought you may have is Google Analytics, I would suggest that Google Analytics is less than useful for a small website.

If knowing who visits your website matters a lot to you and you are not a competent coder then you may want to consider using as the Visitor Tracking is built into their statistics. The Activity of the filling of forms is also built into

Google Search Console

Late January 2021 I started to use Google Search Console after pretty much giving up on Google Analytics. As far as it looks early in February 2021 it all seems to be going well and I can request Google to reindex pages and see what pages are in their index and what problems they see in my pages.

In a similar manner to Google Analytics I feel that as an amature I am just getting "a taste" and to get a real "kick at the can" I would need to pay for a subscription. There is a daily quota of requests that I can make and the Google Help makes no real sense and refers to the Google API.

I have added both sitemap.txt and robots.txt to all my sites. I have found that you have to be careful not to mix them up as it possible to have Filezilla FTP sessions connected to all 3 sites and it is too easy to upload the wrong file as they have the same name.


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