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A chronological history of Belchamp Walter

This page is part of an on-going research project on the history of Belchamp Walter and the manor of Belchamp Walter. If you have found it making a web search looking for geneological or other information on the village then please bookmark this page and return often as I am likely to make regular updates. If you delve deeper into this website you will find many other pages similar to this one.

In an attempt to rationalise the periods of Belchamp Walter's history I have seperated it into various eras. Many of these will ovelap as there is little information on Medieval and Tudor periods with relation to the region. The later years where names are seen on the walls of the local Church things are a little better defined.

The research process continues to develop. Pages for the names mentioned in the documents I have found are being created. Earlier history that is not hinted at by records and evidence found in the Church have been added from a wide source of documentation found on the Internet.


I have tried to create a Timeline for the country in general. In some case there needs to be a more local version of this.

Due to the rambling nature of the Thomas Wright account I have made many attempts at creating an index to these pages. I have edited a lot of these pages to make them more "anonymous" and there is an "audit" page as well as the local timeline. Links to the audit page will eventually be removed.

Background to this page

Having seen some of my history pages being found by those making an Internet search I have decided to add a bit more context on how the pages came about.

The creation of a chronoloical account of the history of Belchamp Walter is not easy as there is, similarly with other histories, not a linear line of succession of ownership of the lands.



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