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Wikipedia Shim - "Rabbit-hole Fence"

A "shimmed"link is one that tells the visitor that I have link to a website but it up to the visitor to locate that link for themselves.

How to use the Wikipedia Shim

If you are a vistor to this website then you can copy an paste the link to the Wikipedia page.
Alternatively, you can make a simple search yourself. The pop-up is to indicate where I obtained the information used to contruct the page.

Depending on your device you can visit the Wikipedia link by highlighting all or part of the text and "look-up" the link directly.

In general I want to disable ALL links from this website. The development of my shimming technique will allow the links to be completely disabled or to allow the user to visit an external link after being presented with a modal dialog.

Some pages, such as my Honour of Clare page, have more than one shim. Some of these shims are to Wikipedia pages.

The Honour of Clare page has two shims the Wikipedia links are fully disabled and the external links do actually link to the pages that they say they do. This is now not the "norm" as I have disabled most of the links. The design will still allow the links to be re-enabled.

The external links below are disabled. The code to call the shim is the same on this and the Honour page.


The Wikipedia Shim does not need as much wording as the regular shim and the actual link can be copied and pasted by the visitor. However, it is just as easy to make a search from scratch.

The phylosophy here is that there is no point in providing a link to a Wikipedia page as it is just another reason for the visitor to leave.

Rabbit-hole Fence

This technique has been given the nick-name "Rabbit-Hole Fence", if you are like me if you click on a Wikipedia link you are often sucked into a "rabbit-hole". It is too easy to click on related links and you often forget why you were there in the first place and what you were looking up originally.

The code:

The code is similar to the Facebook and regular shim. There is an additional paragraph element with the id="dest" added and the id of the "anchor" element is changed to "anchor2" (this is because there needs to be unique ids on the page)

However, if the Wikipedia shim is used on a page without the regular shim there needs to be an element with the id="anchor". Unless the anchor is called wpanchor

The calling syntax is the same as the regular shim, two parameters, the function name will be different.

External Links Disabled. is a non-commercial website. No payment or benefit is gained by the placement of links to other websites.

The External link is disabled to on this page, please visit other pages

This Wikipedia link is disabled.

The Wikipedia link was to the page for:



Link to PDF Disabled

If you require a copy please email

  • The Honour of Clare - 🔗 - Jenifer Wards paper on - a PDF server
  • An example of a Wikipedia Shimmed link - Richard I - Richard Fitz Gilbert - son of count Gilbert of Brionne - d. c. 1090

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