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A Non-Commercial Website

This is a rarity on the Internet.

There is much talk about "Platforms" these days, this is normally in relation to Social Media. is NOT a Social Media Platform, a "platform" normally is a user interactive website where users can upload and download content. The thrust of this website is to present information in a clear manner.

It is belief of the webmaster that the Internet should be primarily a source if information and data and not just a way of making money!


The presentation of information

For a small organisation this is key. In the webmasters opinion many are missing out on this simple concept.

To publish basic information, such as local news and historical facts about a community is really easy those that require it. Social Media and the various "platforms" are NOT the way to distribute this simple information.

External Links

This has always been a problem for me. As I have many external links on this website the consequence of which that visitors finding my pages, link on these links never to return. While I don't have a major problem with this this means that this website is little more than a directory for which I provide for free.

You are about to leave this website. is a non-commercial website. No payment or benefit is gained by the placement of links to other websites.

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