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SEO Observations on accesses for Downtown - A new Era page

Now that Downton 2 - A New Era is about to be released in cinemas I am seeing more and more visits to my pages on the subject.

Like so many of my other pages the content is probably "dry" and there is not a lot to entice the visitor to explore the website further. The first question is probably is "Who is tempusfugit and what is this website all about?"

Following the Wikipedia and other pages there is no mention of Belchamp Walter in reference to the opening sequence. In fact I am starting to wonder if it will draw any attention. It is in the trailer to the movie.

Lovejoy will continue to be a bigger "pull"

Depending on what happens as a result to the release of the Downton 2 movie, I would expect that Lovejoy will continue to attract more "hits" on this website.

This is also true with regards to the tortose stove in the church


Loosing interest to External Links

As on most of my pages there are links to external websites. I have thought about the fact that visitors may well just use my pages to find links to these pages and I don't recieve any benefit from the visit. This is undoubtedly the case.

The links in this case are to IMDB and Wikipedia - these sites will probably have been found and visited before my pages.

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