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A review of SEO techniques March/April 2021

Having had some success with Google Search Console I thought it was time to review where I am with SEO.

I started a page on SEO Services for the village as an exercise in SEO itself. Looking at some of the pages that are returned in SERPs, that appear to be non-organic, it made me wonder what the mechanism is that places the pages in the SERP. It appears that there is a fair amount of content being generated automatically. While this could be seen as "White Hat" SEO it seems to be tollerated by Google. The other answer is that they are being paid for the inclusion.

Some of the SEO that could be "up and coming"

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  2. Natural Language Generation (NLG) for short-form content
  3. TF*IDF - "Term Frequency times Inverse Document Frequency"
  4. GPT-3 for automated content creation
  5. Automated on-page content optimization
  6. Non-text content factors - Google Core Web Vitals

Moot point - peopledon't tend to make Internet searches

While there are those that obviously do make searches it is my observation, at least of the people that I know, that they find most of their information using Social Media.

Having said that, as someone who is claiming to know something about SEO, I think that I need to have a few pages on these new techniques such as Natural Language Processing.

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Natural Language Toolkit

Can be used with Python to lookup synonyms for search terms.



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