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Page Dynamics and the effect of SEO

Getting visits to a page is only the first step in providing a useful user experience.

I have no intention of running an interactive forum and I may have to "pull" a few pages that are attracting impressions and clicks that visitors may well have participated in such.

The addition of Navigation buttons

To mitigate the fact that many visits will be from mobile phones I cannot rely on the visitor assessing a menu on the page. I decided that at least one button needed to be added to pages that may be visited in that manner.

On development of the "sticky" buttons provides a useful enhancement for pages that may be assessed by mobile. At button that takes the visitor to the top of the screen (on a computer screen) and doesn't scroll off the screen will allow the display of the menu on the mobile screen.


Analysis of SEO reports

Using both Google Analytics and Google Search Console visits can be monitored and it can be determined if the visitor clicks on another page or just leaves.

There could be many reasons why a visitor leaves and they are not all bad. If the visitor finds the information that they were looking for or a link to another website, the page visit can be considered as a success. However, if the intent is that the visitor to explore the website, it is important to try and work out why they didn't.

The way that the page was accessed is important, whether it was via a mobile device or not. The menus and on-going links should be visible and logical in all situations. says:

Dynamic content (aka adaptive content) refers to web content that changes based on the behavior, preferences, and interests of the user. As such, it is much more efficient in delivering a higher standard of quality than typical, static content.

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