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The main entry on BHO for Belchamp Walter is for the Church. I have a transcript of this entry on my page of Listed Buildings in the Belchamp Walter area. Sadly, dispite the name of the website, British History Online, is sponsored by heavy advertising and there is little actual information on their website.

The BHO entry is:

'Belchamp Walter', in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Essex, Volume 1, North West (London, 1916)

i.e. is it list (inventory) rather than a source of historical background fact.

The Citation

The BHO website asks quite respectfully that their work be attributed
The citation is:

" 'Belchamp Walter', in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Essex, Volume 1, North West (London, 1916), pp. 18-21. British History Online [accessed 6 April 2022]. "


BHO are part of The Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study University of London.

The content on the BHO website

Generally, I am not impressed with the information that I have found on their website. For a supposed "academic" website (the TLD) the prevalence of advertising is surprising.

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Background to this page

Having seen some of my history pages being found by those making an Internet search I have decided to add a bit more context on how the pages came about.

Citation Guidelines

I think that this is pretty fair and it is what I try to do across the board.

Why you should cite British History Online

We think it is good scholarship and your responsibility to be open and honest about the resources that you consulted in your research. Researchers from all over the world rely on BHO’s accurately transcribed texts, yet many don't acknowledge this in the bibliographies to their publications. We know that you might instinctively cite the original printed source rather than the digitised text you consulted on our site, but it’s simple:
if you use BHO, you should cite BHO. Here's why:

Great Wakering

I grew up in Great Wakering from the age of six until I left for college in London at 18. I spent quite a few hours in the Church of St. Nicholas.

(2). Parish Church of St. Nicholas (Plate, p. 60) stands at the E. end of the village.
The walls are of roughly coursed ragstone-rubble with some septaria and flint; the dressings are of Reigate and other limestone; the roofs are tiled and the spire boarded. The Chancel and Nave were built c. 1100. The ground-stage of the West Tower was added c. 1130, the upper part of the tower being completed towards the end of the same century. The chancel-arch was re-built in the 15th century re-using older material and late in the 15th century the West Porch with the room over were built. The South Porch was added early in the 16th century. The North Chapel or annexe was built in 1843 and the church has been restored in modern times.

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