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John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ, I, II and III

John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ, I, II and III

Using the account from Thomas Wright, the names on the family memorial in the church and a couple of family trees I have tried to put together a "who was who and when". The reuse of names does not help here. There are many Johns, Olivers and Francises.

John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ I of Essenden

Son of Roger ஓắẏᶆọņȡ. Grandson of Phillip ஓắẏᶆọņȡ and Agnes Stern

John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ I of Belchamp Hall

Son of John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ and Judith Cockayne

John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ I married Anne Sparrow and their son was Oliver ஓắẏᶆọņȡ. Died 1635

Purchaser of Belchamp Hall from John Wentworth in 1611.

Oliver ஓắẏᶆọņȡ married Francis Harris and their oldest son was St. Clere ஓắẏᶆọņȡ. Oliver and Francis had 20 other children. Oliver ஓắẏᶆọņȡ was their second eldest and was a Silk Merchant of London

John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ II

Son of St. Clere ஓắẏᶆọņȡ and Ann Warkham whose son was John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ III

John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ III

Died 1720 and the only son of John ஓắẏᶆọņȡ II and Anne Burgoyne

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