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W3.css Website Templates

As a tool to encourage the adoption of your web design services these templates could be used to illustrate what could be done for a client.

While there is still a lot of work that needs to be performed to make a website for a client, all the information is provided.

Limits to these templates

While the templates are a good place to start if you want to give a potential client a place to start then you could potentially steer them to the W3C site for them to select a "look" for you to start. The reality is that the client will need advice on what to use and accept your recommendation.

Most of the demos are single pages and a secondary template will be needed to be created so that customisation can occur.

A lot of the "nuts and bolts" are hidden from the webmaster and I question whether the developer would have to revert to a more basic css so that the required customisation can be made. It seems that the colours for menus and buttons are fixed by W3.css and the reponsive behaviour handling is hidden.

I am presuming that the responsive handlers are are contained in c3.css as I haven't looked at the c3.css code that you can download and run from your own server. The problem with this is that you will then have to download the latest version when it is updated and possibly make the changes that you may have made to it. I know that I have an interaction with some of my existing code with respect to my menu buttons. I am sure that I can fix that it I wanted but I am resonably happy with my own responsive design at the moment.

I quite like my fixed bottom menu, fbw.css, again, there are some templates that have fixed menus that remain on screen when the page is scrolled. The Portfolio demo that I have linked below shows this. Howver, this is only when it is displayed on a computer screen.

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