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DOM - The Document Object Model

The fundamentals of creating a rich website revolve around being able to make dynamic changes to the Document Object.

There are many techniques that I have tried to document on this website, a lot of these revolve around the selection of a particular element and then changing the object variables of that element.

This page is the start page for some of the documentation that I have tried to make on subjects related to this activity.

There are a lot of pages that need to be converted to the new layout and the current state is by no means comprehensive. I am keeping the old page for the time being as it contains links to pages that I eventually want linked from here.

Many of my pages are accessed by Interner users as witnessed by the reports in Search Console. As these are logged the pages will be added to the new layout and the pages converted. Some of these pages will have partial conversion (links to new pages on old pages)

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Pages that I have authored in the past

There are many of these but I need to get them in a form that I can access them.

Hopepfully the new design layout will help with this as there is a far greater scope for more menu options. These design items will be shown linked when the pages are viewed on a computer or tablet (or a phone in portrait)

Pages - to be converted or wiith partial conversion

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