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You may have wondered what these websites are all about.

Tempusfugit has been in existance for around 20 years. In Canada as and now here in the UK as

The project is a private one and has never had major aspirations to be a business.

Searching for "Belchamp Walter PC"

I found that when searching for "Belchamp Walter PC" I was getting pages for PC repair websites.

I added additional text to the TITLE tag of the index page and that did not meet with approval from the clerk of the council. I added "Nothing to dowith PC Repair" to the TITLE. This was deemed to be confusing to anyone who visited, and there are few (and I agree it was confusing), so I removed it as it wasn't necassary. I left PC in the title and that was enough to displace the PC Repair listing.

I used GSC to submit a new page for indexing and the SERP was appropriately updated as per the new TITLE. I was quite please about this but I did not see the same behaviour when I tried it on another page.


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