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Design Alternatives

Having revised my priorities in web design I have a few alternatives on how to structure a website design.

At the time of writing this I have, I think, a pretty sophisticated template that incorporates all of the design techniques that I have worked out so far. Having said that the design is not for everyone and all applications. A lot of work and feedbackfrom users is still needed. In most applications the design is too complicated and not likely to be understood by a casual user.

The design of the page you are viewing has both a side and top menu. It could be described as a "kitchen-sink" design, in some cases just a single page will suffice and that page can have similar menus and layout even very minimal navigation. In my designs for various projects I have tried to adopt the appropriate approach for each.

The Parish Council website uses the same basic template as the "kitchen-sink" but I have scaled down the menus in that there is no top menu with dropdowns. There are no expandable menus on the overlay menu.

Current Design Strategy

I have changed this in 2022. Since I have recieved minimal feedback on the design work that I have done so far for the Parish Council, The Village Hall and the Friends group, I have decided to concentrate on

I scaled down my design for the Parish Council from its original design with ariel photographs of the village. I also started a single page design for FOBWC, as I had resigned from the group and nobody had given me any feedback on the more elaborate design.

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New Template for Village Hall

Since the Wordpress subscription has expired I thought I would look at another template for it should it ever see the light of day again.

This time I used another W3.css template - this time the "Start-Up" template. I have not made any major changes to this template.

The original village hall domain name is registered until 21 Feb 2024. I cannot re-assign the mapping of this domain as I am not the registrant. The person who registered it has lost the logon details for the tsoHost domain registrar.

I have been down this road before and if I were to "hand-over" I would possibly suggest the "House Design" template.



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