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My previous expeiences with GitHub related to some of the dubious projects that the so-called "security experts" were hosting on GitHub to "penterate" wireless networks. In the majorty of cases the "appa" (for Android of course as Apple would never let such things be distributed on iTunes) were little more than the "front ends" having menus with lots of options and no real functionality. i.e. the wireless penetration and decryption were to be cmpleted later. I got the impression that the main thrust was that future contributors to the projects would "do the hard stuff"

Many of the projects were derivatives of other Smartphone apps that were being "hawked" by companies that wanted to sell you overpriced hardware that didn't do what they claimed. The companies would sell you a training course so that you could fully utilise their products and even had YouTube demonstrations of their product being successfully used.

The JavaScript Page Search

This was found making an Internet search and was found on a syndicated website under Medium. Medium are trying to get me to subscribe and I only get a few "free" articles to read every month, they email me dayly. If I find a page that is syndicated I could loose one of the "free" reads - that's why I made a copy.

The code was written by Amit Gupta: Implement Search Feature on a Web Page in Plain JavaScript | by Amit Gupta | Level Up Coding the url is in my sent box.

There are number of things of interest in this example: the creation and scaning of a JSON object array (list of books) and the search function itself. There is some JavaScript for me to learn here.

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Stripe Payment Gateway

One of the aspects that somewhat attracts me to Stripe is that they publish their code in Opensource.

Using GitHub to get a job

Although I made the statement that I was reassured that Stripe's code was published on GitHub and that was a good thing, I still have my reservations with GitHub. Back in 2013 I was incensed with that antics of those that only seemed to be posting to GitHub so further their careers.

The article above is "Why GitHub is not your CV - James Coglan, 15 Nov 2013" (for which I do not have the link anymore - or at least I can't be bothered to look it up). I am posting this again in 2021 along with the name of the author of the original article, Ashe Dryden, that James Goglan was referring. I was also looking at the efforts of programmers of Crypto-Currency platforms and the name Dan Foreman-Mackey ("The Open Source Report Card website") came up.

Wladimir J. van der Laan even wrote software to contruct "The Open Source Report Card website"



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