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Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford

Like many things in my (programming) life I have come across Douglas and JSON after "doing things the hard way".

I may not have worked at Lucasfilms but I did have hardware in geosychronous orbit! We both graduated aroud the same time (1975/76) and both started a masters degree. My bachelors was a B.Sc in Electronics his a B.A. in Television, my M.Sc in Computer Science, his Education Technology. I worked in satellite television distribution and then morphed into computer stuff.

There is so much to learn

Having discovered Douglas Crockford, through the back door, I realise that I have lot more to learn. I have always maintained that I don't really understand what I am doing half the time with JavaScript and maybe I would if I had come accross Douglas a little earlier. I also use Javascript as a means to an end but I do like to know why it is doing what it is doing. I am an engineer after all.

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