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Pages archived from Canadian website

During the time that I posted pages to I managed to upset a few people who did not like what I had posted. It was this or the fact that they did not being associated with a person that I had posted about and they were possibly confused why they were appearing on my website whereas they did not appear elsewhere on the Internet.

As it is not my intention to continue with my Canadian hosting package I am selectively archving some of the pages on a UK website. I am in no hurry to do this as this website and the whole tempusfugit project is pretty insignificant and realistically it does not get much attention from other web users, including Search Engines.

At the time that this page was written I had not decided that I wanted to continue with the tempusfugit name. Although I still think that the name "fits" what I am trying to do, I am not "wedded" to the name and there are many other names that I could use for my "hobby site".

What is being archived:

Only some selected pages and topics will be archived. At the time of writing this page I am in the process of deciding what I want to include. I want to have the option to add these archived pages to a new website or to completely "move-on" with a new theme entirely.

While there are pages on my original website that I feel need to be kept available into perpertutity, or at least as long as I am prepared to pay for the hosting, some of the material is just too old and I have ceased to have a major interest in it. Some of the technical topics that my Canadian site attracked visits will be included as it seems that there are few other places where the information can be found.

Although I have no wish to recreate the same website as I had before there are some technical issues that seem to continue to be popular.

How this will be indexed by Google (and other search engines)

This will take time as I am not an important website and the URLs and web pages are not likely to be that unique. I am more interested in the fact that, Googlebot for example, will find the content all in good time and there is no point in the URL type of index.


Visits from Canada

There was a mobile visit in October 2021. The main concern here is not with who made the search and visit as it could have been my archnemesis or another searching for him or one of his associates. Never-the-less it was a Google search as it was reported in GSC and Analytics with no search terms.

The fact that it was a mobile visit made the conversion to the new format necassary. I had tried deleting the archive sub-directory on the server but it seemed to result in a GSC error.



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