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I came to programming reasonably late in my career. I am an engineer by education and have adopted programming as a means to an end. Later on in my career I was both employed and contracted my services as a programmer.

There was a database or two......


Having reviewed my pages on this website, specifically with respect to Content Management Systems, I came across an article from 2017 on being a software developer. I kinda endorse some of the points made by Melissa McEwen, although I had ever come across her or Snow Crash before.

Some quotes from Melissa's article:

" Passion is prized in this industry and people who come into code out of love are considered special. It is also considered the reason why certain groups of people are less represented in tech, because not as many of them are building Linux machines in their basements for fun.

But the problem with that is that hobby coding isn’t at all like coding for work. Very few coding jobs allow you to do the kind of work that hobby coders enjoy. I think in many ways the industry is becoming a lot like the programming portrayed in Snow Crash, which was written in 1992 but reads as almost an oracle:

There are certainly more engaging jobs out there, but the reality is a lot of us do work on little fragments, work that is often tedious and devoid of any kind of creativity. As a developer I’ve often had trouble figuring out if a job would be Snow Crashy or not, and been seduced by promises of engaging work only to find myself ferreting out bugs on some enterprise CMS.

But for a long time I pretended it was fun. That I loved it. Because there is a lot of social pressure to portray yourself that way in the industry. People hiring you will run the other way as soon as they see a crack in that facade. "

I admit that I am a "hobby programmer" at heart.

Building a Linux Machine in my basement

I did that! It was not that hard and I am not sure if it really helped in develooing any programming skills. I did learn a bit about website hosting and Apache.

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