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The importance of the TITLE tag

The importance of a TITLE META tag

When an Internet user makes a Google search, or even another search engine search, an impression is made in a results list that is generated by the search engine's internal programming. The position of this Impression and whether an Internet user clicks on the link in the Impression depends on many factors. First, the Impression has to be high in position, i.e. near the top of the list. Secondly, the user needs to see a title for the page in the Impression that is similar to either what they searched for or something that is similar to that search.

I have found that there is no point in making the title of a page the same as the file name. The file name makes it easier for me to remember the page but for the potential visitor the file name is pretty irrelevent. By experimnent with Google Search Console and picking a subject that I know will be searched for I found that making a page with a title that is the same as what I predicted a user would search for, and then making a direct request for Google to index that page, it was a pretty sure-fire way of getting Impressions of that page. There is no point in getting an Impression for a page that does not contain a title that is going to attract a click, even if your page contains what the user is searching for.

In addition, the subject of the page and the fact that is is going to be searched for has to be pretty unique to your website. There is little point in making a page for a popular news item as most news agency websites are going to be carrying that topic. Similarly, there is no point in making a page for a product where multiple review websites are going to be reviewing it.

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