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I have a "love-hate" relationship with genealogical websites.

I am not in the business of writing and selling softare of this type but I do come across sites that offer this service for a fee.

Automatic Family Trees

The use of GEDCOM seems to result in the connection between family names, or similarly spelt names, this often sends the researcher off in the wrong direction.

An example of this is my page on John de Steyngreve, the only reference that I could find, and I tried many different spellings, was from


GEDCOM - GEnealogical Data COMmunication

Having poked around on the MyHeritage and other websites I see why I was getting references back to the church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints (LDS).

While I do have a problem with Organized Religion, especially ones that I consider "crack-pot" American ones (the Church of England is another closer to home!), I have found some of the information that I have found less than accurate. Perhaps this is due to over-zealous users (you think!) of the GEDCOM database and related software.

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Unlike most genealogical research websites does not attempt to get you to "sign-up" when you click on one of their links.




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