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Something that does a resaonable job. The granularity of the Visitor Tracking is too wide and I don't have access to Server Logs.

Buiding your own activity logger

If you are capable of developing your own Contact and other (booking) forms you should be able to design and build your own logging system. It is a lot of work though.

I did a lot more work on this for the Village Hall website (, see the site map for (the Village Hall site) linked below for more details.

This remains a work in progress. I started this in February 2020 and put it on hold and now October 2020 I am now documenting it. The work on SESSIONS was not actually used as cookies were being set. The bwvh code is the more advanced.

An activity logger using fetch()

The original Log Admin was written using PHP. The problem with PHP is that it needs to be run from the server. So does the html version if you want to view the contents of the log but the page will display locally.


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