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Belchamp Walter Census 1891

The references to Belchamp Walter and the Census of 1891 are taken from the Foxearth Historical Society archive.

My interest in this census relates to the possible residents of Munt Cottage and any dwellings that were close to it in 1891. There are 5 or 6 cottages that are cited in the Census, as far as is known Munt Cottage is the only surviving, however, Hall Cottage may have been renamed, the others demolished or fallen down.

The portion of the census that I refer (Munt Farm & Cottages):

The Munt Farm-Charles Stunt-head-43-farmer-South Malling Sussex
Robert-father-77----South Malling
Alice-sister-47----South Malling
Eliza-aunt-52-South Malling

Cottage near the Munt-No 1-Samuel Boud?-head-34-gardener-Royden Norfolk

No 2 Munt Cottages-Emma Carder-wife-61-BSP
Mary Storey-boarder-25-school mistress-Sleaford Lincs.

No 4 Munt Cottages-Dianah Jay-head-wid-66-laundress-B.W.

No-5-Munt Cottages-John Chatters-41-ag-lab-B.W.
James-father-wid-retired coachman-B.W.
Mary Stebbing-sister-wid-56-laundress-B.W.

No-6-Munt Cottages-Walter Firmin-head-48-coachman-B.W.
Maria-wife-43-B.W. Elizabeth Reeve-dau-19-retired servant-B.W.
Annie Firmin-dau-15-sch-B.W.
Laura Firmin-dau-13-sch-B.W.
Emma-dau-10-B.W.---(later teacher at Belchamp Walter School. Information from late Fred Chatters)
George-father-wid---75-retired blacksmith-B.W


Other Names

There are a lot more names on the census that relate to Belchamp Walter. Above I have featured names that are associated with Munt Cottage.

While I initially intended to just investigate the names related to Munt Cottage, there are names that are relevant to the Village history in general. I do not wish to re-post the 1891 census in its entirety, that is done by Foxearth, as presented it is not really of much help.

Some of the names include:

  • Chatters and The Chatters family of Belchamp Walter
  • Carder
  • Stebbing
  • Boud? (perhaps different spelling)
  • Dianah Jay
  • Holden Bugg - Newborn (dwelling/house)
  • Edward Reeve - labourer
  • Rookery Farm-Robert Scrivener
  • 40 Acres-Walter Yeldham - Head Shepard
  • 40 acres-William Pearson - labourer
  • The Vicarage-Louis Bell house-curate
  • Sudbury Road-George Chatters
  • Belchamp Hall-Rev J..M..St. Clare Raymond-head-76--clerk in holy orders
  • Louisa-wife-70-imbecile-Ovington
  • Pannell - No 4-Joseph Pannel-head-46---wheelwright-Gestingthorpe - Jane-wife-49-Cavendish
  • Cranfield - William Cranfield transported to Australia, Harriet Cranfield adopted by the Byfords

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