I don't think that I want to give my code away

It is interesting, to me at least, that the Covid-19 crisis has made me re-think things.

My work on the Village Hall website and the Parish Council website before that has indicated to me that Internet users have no interest in websites. In fact, there seems to be far more interest in Facebook and Social Media in general. Lip-service is given to the needing a website but those doing so have no interest in visiting them. Websites of large retailers and the likes of Amazon do well but lesser sites are pretty much ignored.

The code that I have developed over the years is not appreciated by those that need a "quick-fix" of information or entertainment. It is far more enticing to logon to a platform such as Facebook where it is very easy to comment in a very "low-brow" manner.

I have decided that my code will only be used by me and anyone who shows an interest and make contact with me. The Parish Council site will continue to use my code, in fact I may change the template to be more in-line with that I developed to emulate the Wordress Business theme. The Village Hall website will revert to a purely Wordpress implemntation. Pages on bwvk.uk are not appreciated so I am not going to bother. This means that the "enhanced" formating and menuing through css and the photo galleries will be dropped.

The Village Hall Website

When I took over the Village Hall website I was of the opinion that Wordpress was not the solution as I had prior experience with it and I was not impressed. However, since having a chance to "play around" with the Wordpress interface I have changed my mind and it is EXACTLY what is required. A few "informational" pages and a means to communicate and book events is ALL that is needed. The Wordress "personal" pacakge can be used to do this quite simply. If futher enhancements are needed then I think that the Wordpress solution is too inflexible.

Villagers that do use the Internet are far more likely to use Facebook so a website is kind of irrelevant.

Event promotion and booking may well be a different situation but it remains to be seen due to the current shut-down due to the Coronavirus crisis. It was my observation that very few used the website to make bookings for events in the past. As this is the case I have decided that there is little point in "busting a gut" to make a website that is any more advanced than a Wordpress one.

On the subject of Facebook

If you make posts on your Facbook page using the default "Friends Only" mode the onl thing anyone visiting your profile will see apart from your Public Profile is when you updated your profile picture (or possibly your backgoround) - to a Facebook user who maybe looking for you (by name) or just wondering why you are a member of a group, this is just wierd. I think the principle should be never post anything to Facebook that you are not happy with ANYONE seeing. Even sharing with "friends" can be problematic as "do you really know who they are?".

Going Forward

As I was saying the Personal package can provide all the VH needs. I have changed the VH site so that it no longer links pages on bwvh.uk. I am monitoring the accesses to the Wordpress site and the Feedback is now reverted to the Jetpack form - the consequence is that it is now recieving spam (Bitcoin and the like!). Depending on how activities pan out with the Village Hall Wordpress pages will be added back. These include Terms and Conditions, Hire Charges (Rates) and Facilities.

In fact ALL the new pages I wrote for the Village Hall website can be replaced by the originals (with suitable edits). I am now of the opinion that the creation of the VH website was more "political" than an actual need. The village and current society usage of the Internet does not include looking at websites for information on the level that platforms on Social Media provide. The page on Privacy (GDPR) also bears no relationship to how the website operates, it is a "boilerplate". Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is a requirement for an edit.


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