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Belchamp Walter in the 14th Century

Belchamp Walter saw the erection of the Nave of St. Mary's church as we pretty much see it today. Sir John de Botetourt died in 1324 and a chantry chapel was built into the North Wall in his memory.

The Nave of St. Mary's is cited as being "early 14th century in origin", which could mean that the Chantry chapel could have been built at the same time. The Botetourt chapel at St Mary, Mendlesham, Suffolk was also started prior to the Black Death (1346 to 1353) and resumed in 1360.

The murals on the walls of the Nave were also painted at this time.

Here we see the connection between the Gernon's and the Botetort's shaping up.

This early history of Belchamp Walter saw the lands being "held" by a number of noteble families. Edwards I, II and III were on the throne. Edward III dying in 1377, Richard II then Henry IV (Bollingbrook) in 1399.
A rumour, disputed by many historians, Edward I was the father of Sir John Botetourt.

The Gernon family, originating from the Epping Forest area, were knights early in the century and married into the Belchamp region.

Black Death

The plague occurred in this century and probably had a major effect on the Village. The dwelllings around the church were probably burnt and new dwellings establshed at where the current village is located. There are various buidings around what is now known as the "crossroads" and village pond.

No buildings from the 14th Century stiil exist today in this area. Hopkin's Farm may have been built but is listed as 15th Century or earlier. Mary Hall and Clarks Farm are also 15th Century.


The Crossroads and Pond

The oldest listed dwelling at this location is the "Old Bake House", this is 18th Century and was possibly built on the site of a 14th Century dwelling as was the Forge (Smithy), the later is not listed.

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