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I don't do Social Media

You will not find a Facebook profile for me, I don't use Twitter and my exposure to other platforms is limited.

Having been an Internet user for over 20 years I have not found an overwhelming reason to use "Socials". I was highly skeptical of the antics of Mark Zuckerberg when he was trialing out his "dating app", later to become Facebook (2004), at the time.

I have many theories on why people find Social Media so appealing and I have tried to explain these on other pages. I also realise that the users of such media are unlikely to read my pages as they are not likely to find them unless someone posts about them.

...... or they follow a link from my Home page.


Notifications are a key

I think that one of the most appealling features of Social Media platforms, particularly Facebook, is that it users get notifications when others that they are following are in a group that they are a member or just following.

Old page

Having reviewed some of my earlier pages on the subject I thought it was time to do a new one using my current template.

I admit that the pages did not render that well on a mobile device. Not that the social platforms do either but that seems to be something that the users overlook as there are other mitigating reasons for their use.

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