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Having reviewed some of my earlier pages on the subject I thought it was time to do a new one using my current template.

I admit that the pages did not render that well on a mobile device. Not that the social platforms do either but that seems to be something that the users overlook as there are other mitigating reasons for their use. I have many theories on why people find Social Media so appealing and I have tried to explain these on other pages. I also realise that the users of such media are unlikely to read my pages as they are not likely to find them unless someone posts about them.

Posts about me

I am pretty certain that this has happened and my observation is that it is a conformation of the fact that in many cases the whole story is not presented and the level of dialog is often not intelligable.

For example,


Notifications are a key

I think that one of the most appealling features of Social Media platforms, particularly Facebook, is that it users get notifications when others that they are following are in a group that they are a member or just following.

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