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The Appeal of Social Media
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The Appeal of Social Media

It is truely amazing what the appeal of Social Media has on everyones lives. Even me and I am only lurking in the shadows.

The appeal is that it seems to be ever present and its users quite like the constant updates that many platforms generate. Also, I think that most of the Internet user base is a nosey narcasistic bunch that is interested in what their associates are up to at the same time as presenting themselves in the best light possible. Well, that is the intention but it often doesn't work out that way! Social Media is also seen by many as a cheap way of advertising, that too is fraught with problems.


The notification mechanism is key to the appeal of Social Media. When a post is made in your "world" you get a message or email sent to you.

This, I think, appeals to those that need to do something on their Smartphones. As a consequence the ability to reply instantly doesn't really help in preserving a logical flow to the posts on a page/profile.

Multiple Access Methods

Due to the various ways you can access Facebook, on your phone, using the Facebook app or on your computer or tablet, the way that it is presented to the Facebook user it is not surprising that confusion can reign. The downside of this is that "seasoned" Facebook users can ask questions such as "how do I make a post?"

The multiple access techniques also responsible for the confusion of "who is who?". Clicking on profile icons does not really help as does the nature of "Public vs. Private"

Who's posting?

One of the most common disgussions that I seem to have when the subject comes up is who are the people making posts on the Facebook pages and Groups that I have access. There are a number of confusions on my part. I have critisised the design of the Facebook interface and that is part of it, however, even when Facebook users are using their real name (I don't by the way and I am only an observer) the question is still asked "Who is this person?". Replies to posts by those who do know the person making the original post compound the issue.



In my part of the world, in the age of Covid, this seems to be a "hot potato". Advertising on Social Media, particularly for small businesses that can't trade normally as they are on "lock-down", is becoming an issue. Existing users are voicing their displeasure when they see a percieved excess of ads on community pages.

Actually this could be done really easily on the Village Hall website

Facebook users don't like drones!

As a local poster on her Facebook page attests. and this was in 2017 - I didn't even have a drone at the time!

Drone Hate

There is so much wrong here! Donald Trump would be proud. Shooting a drone is criminal damage regardless of where it is flown. This was three years ago, there were no requirements for a licence. Built-up areas, the Belchamps are hardly built-up. While it is good manners to ask permission when you are flying over private land there is nothing in the Drone Code that says you can't. Taking off and landing is a different issue as you may be trespassing.

This post is typical of the narrow-minded views of a typical Facebook user. It was made as a public post and did not seem related to any of the other posts made around the same time. I am presuming it was made when public posting was the default as there are no other recent posts other than public updates to profile and background photos. This particular person posted on a public community page and is member of a private community group.

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