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Menu Audit

Pages to check the removal of unwanted content and pages I am working on

As I have changed some of the pages to exclude links to some local pages and the village I need to have apage to check that I have made the changes.

Some pages need to be deleted from the server and the sitemap.

In addition some of my pages are getting Impressions as recorded in Google Search Console and I want to add SEO and possibly convert to the new layout.

Some of the pages that seem to be reported in GSC are of a mixed nature. Some of them still relate to local stuff and others to techinical issues related to web design. The local stuff could be searches for Belchamp Walter or names of people who still live here. I can't determine the exact reason as the keywords are not often reported by Google. In any case I am removing a lot of the references to BW from menus.

The web design stuff is what I want to promote and I can convert and/or add content.



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