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The page it replaced may be placed in a protected area of the website accessible by password only. The original page may well be redirected at the server so that anyone finding it on a search will see this page.

The history of Belchamp Walter pages represent a lot of research time. As such I am not sure that they should be freely available. A lot of the information was taken from observations made in St. Mary's Church.

When I see visits from Bury St. Edmunds to pages that have been somewhat controversial I tend to "smell a rat". Such visits relate to those relating to a certain thatcher.

What is it with those that they think are above the law but they result to consult their brief when they are concerned that someone has their measure?


Links pointing to this page are those that I decided to make less accessible in Fall 2021. I am not sure that I want an emphasis on the local comunity.

29 March 2022, a click was made on a redirected acrchive page for a search for Anthony Mannella.

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