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Developing pages when I have no Internet

As my Internet connection seems to be less than consistant the need for a local version of the Framework is necessary. At the moment I have a copy in another local directory (my Parish Council web site directory). I slso need to have use a consistant path on both the local file system and the server (and a copy on the server).

This page has a local copy of the W3.css Framework linked and the .css file is in a local subdirectory /BWPC/css. The Framework must be cached somewhere as pages still load even if I turn off WiFi and I know that I have no connection to the Internet.

The question is will this page load when I AM connected to the Internet and the page is accessed from the server? It does, as I have a copy of the Framework on my server.


The Framework by rights should be linked from the W3 server as it is more likely to be up-to-date.

Other things that are affected

It is not just the w3.css library that is not accessible when there is no Internet connection. The Awesome fonts and Google fonts libraries are also not found.

Te consequence of this is that the pages will take much longer to load. The linked stylesheets still are attempted to load but need to time-out. I am not sure where the w3.css library stuff comes from as the page still loads even if I don't change the linkage to the local copy in BWPC/css/.

Update - February 2022

After an external-link sensitive black-out (not sure what I meant here????) it seems that the local W3.css Framework is being loaded as this page and the index (home) page formats correctly.

The pages render quite well, as opposed to those that cannot see a fresh copy of on-line libraries, the icons and special fonts are displayed as they would if on-line.

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