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Forestry and Garden Maintenance

Forestry and Garden Maintenance

When I started this website I used it to make a reference of websites that I used and wanted access to on Internet devices. Since that time this has become the norm on many devices and app(lications).

The little Chainsaw that can

Aldi GLPC41

I am on my second Aldi Gardenline chainsaw. The first has a problem with a carboretta bolt that cannot be torqued down as it has sheered in the cylinder block. It still runs but the bolt vibrates loose. I purchased a second, refurbished, from Amazon and that is still going strong. I have sawed through logs in excess of 24" diameter with it.

The mowers

I have a checkered past with lawnmowers. I decided that what I really needed was a petrol powered hover mower - I was wrong!

I purchased a Toro Hoverpro 500 at great cost. It lasted for little over a year and then siezed due overheating.

A 14 year old Mountfield was purchased from a local refurbisher of Briggs and Statton pwered mowers.

Aldi Brushcutter


In a similar manner to the Gardenline chainsaw the Gardenline Brushcutter has served me well.

I have had to replace the centrifugal clutch spring and dissassembled the carboretta to clean it and it continues to run.

Log Splitter

Screwfix - Titan ? ton electric

Hydraulic seals on Titan log splitter

Lucas Oil 10019 Hydraulic Oil Booster/ Stop Leak

Seasoning Firewood

When I mentioned to friends about "harvesting" my own firewood the question of seasoning always comes up. I have concluded that this is not understood by those that purchase their firewood.

There is also a notion that harvesting wood from around the neighbourhood is "free". There is a lot of work and cost to collecting, sawing and seasoning this wood. Living on approximatly 2 acres of woodland trees do "fall over".

I have found that harvesting my own wood supply overcomes the problem with it being too dry to burn at the proper temperature. The irony here is that the main consern that I here relates to getting it dry in the first place, i.e. "seasoned".

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