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Zoom - Windows 10 S
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Zoom on Windows 10 S

The solution to down loading and installing Zoom on a computer running Windows 10 S is to ignore pretty much all of what you find on the Internet.

Background to this page

Having looked at Windows 10 in S-Mode and having used Zoom on an iPad and other Windows computers it seems that there may be an issue with installing Zoom on a computer running Windows 10S

On a recent Zoom call one of the participants could not join as they had just purchased a new computer. My guess is that they tried to download Zoom on a Windows 10 in S-mode. The help on the Zoom website suggests that you need to have Windows 10 Creators Edition so that you can run Zoom. Windows 10 Creators Edition is version 1709, which means that it was the version that was current in August 2017. This kinda out-out-date for a computer purchased in 2021.

The outcome of this

Having just purchased a new Windows 10 computer that has S-Mode installed by default I was interested in how it was being recommended that Zoom be installed.

I admit that I didn't really find a definative answer to this problem. I would suggest that you follow one of the links that I include below.

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The main purpose of this page is to point out that there is confusion out-there in CyberSpace. In keeping with other things that you may find on the Internet when making a search, do not take what you find too literally. It is too easy to go off on a "tangent" and a quest to download an out-of-date version of Windows.

However, I cannot believe that Zoom will not run on any currently sold device, including Windows 10 computers running S-Mode.

I do not recommend the download of Windows 10 Creators Edition as suggested in the help on the Zoom website. Hopefully they have revised this advice. In the meantime I continue to use Zoom on my iPad and have not bothered with my computer.

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