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Not wanting names to appear in Google searches

or any search for that matter.

The intention here is that when an Internet user makes a search using a regular keyboard, more likely on their phone they will either find my pages or intentionally they will not!

Having made some changes to many of my pages I think that I have made some headway here. I am seeing far fewer Impressions and Clicks on pages that only make sense if the person making the search is looking for dirt on themselves or someone who has complained to them about me.

The way to check whether the search will find, or not find, what I want on a page is to perform the search myself on suspect pages.

Another way of mitigating this is too place the potentially offending text "Below the Fold"

Examples where I want to use alternative letters

𝔚illiam - as in Old English or French in this case. I was looking for this for some of the family trees.

Actually it was 𝔉ynderne

What I was trying to censor

Another example of this is the ஓắẏᶆọņȡ family name. I may have been pananoid but I was getting the impression that there was a little "sensitivity" in this area.

Other instances of this could include other names that I have been asked not to post about. The sad fact is that those making Internet searches that find reference to themselves that are less than complementary don't seem to be able to handle this without complaining to someone who may have an influence.

Richard Mann

Actually, the use of just the Unicode does not work and I need to use special Latin characters:
This is good to start with - can probably play around with this a bit.

This still doesn't work! the latin is still picked up!
ஓaymond - is probably a better compromise
Rắẏᶆọņȡ - or possibly this as the R is more recognisable.
Rắẏmọņď - as the M and the D above are too radical, however Ray and aymond will be found.

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How this is supposed to work

Having censored a lot of my pages this concept is still an experiment. At the moment I am pretty sure that there are minimal Impressions that are made due to the search terms for a particular name in plain text. I have added a few instances of the name back to some of the history pages.

There are a few assumptions made here in the way that search engines generate their indicies and handle search requests. It is assumed that an index is made using the plain character text that would be seen if rendered by a web-browser. This rendering would mean that hyperlinks would be indexed using their link-text and the URL discarded from that index. In this case a link to John Smith would be indexed so that the 'href="john_smith.html"' attribute would not be part of the search result.

If the page was coded using symbols for the link-text a user would have to search for the coding of the symbol:

For example

John Smith would be coded - John Smith

To find the page with John Smith the Internet user would have to search for that coding.
Well, that is the theory.

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Page Search in Edge

In the Edge browser the search for the letter string "ray" will find anything that looks like it starts with an "r".
This includes ℝắẏ, which is ℝắẏ - which are all special characters.

I could get really paranoid and try and prevent searches for "aymond", but this is a little too far. I can't really see that anyone would complain about that! The main reason for this technique is readbility

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