The Antics of Vitaly Popov

If you search for Vitaly Popov Spammer you will get a pretty good idea about what this guy is all about. My encounter with him is just curiousity relating to some of the entries that I see in my Analytics and Search Console reports.

I am not sure how he does what he does and I don't really want to look into it further all I know is that his activities mess with my statistics. This is no really problem, more than just an an annoyance. If I can stop his spamming I will. So far, apart from removing the page that he was spamming from the Google index, I don't think that I had stopped (long-term) his appearance in my reports.

I understand that the spamming is not a real problem for me as it doesn't affect the visitors to my site as they cannot see it. There could possibly be a waste of resources and maybe overloading my server. However, there is not that much traffic so I don't think that this could be an issue.

The Letter G

This relates to the use of a Latin version of the letter that Vitaly used to register a domain very similar to


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The Antics of Vitaly Popov