Sun Dial Menu

Please turn your phone on its side for additional menu options.

Additional menus on larger screens

I have made a compromise here. As it is accepted that the majority of views, particulary from local sources, are likley to be on mobile phones, I have changed my design approach for the different displays.

In the case of local pages I am assuming that the attention span of the viewer is much shorter than those actually looking for detailed information.

Mobile Pages

I have changed some of the w3-hides so that the menu can be opened when a mobile phone is viewed in portrait.

I will have to document my changes and change the third_subpage template and any other pages where I might want this to work. At the moment I have it working on this page and design_3.html (This is now pretty much universal)

Top Menu

Changes needed for third_subpage template

Firstly the hiding of the header also hides the #top id, this means the "Top" button no longer works on a medium screen so I have hidden it in the subnav code.

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